How To Order Prints

Here is a quick little tutorial on how you can place an order of any photography shot by us. If you have any difficulties or questions please contact me immediately at

Step 1.) go to

Step 1

Step 2.) Click the “Log In” Link (it is in between “Home” & “Register”)

Step 2

Step 3.) If you already have an account then enter your Email Address and password then hit “Log In” (skip to step 5) If you do not have an account then click “Click here to create one” or “Create an Account”

Step 4

Step 4.) Enter in your information & Click “Create Account” (Go back to step 3 and log in)

Step 5

Step 5.) Now that you are logged in navigate your way to the picture you would like to purchase ┬áremember that the password to the galley is generally the bride’s maiden name
(Hint: For a short cut just click the “Access Gallery” button and type in the bride’s maiden name and it will take you right there)

Step 6

Step 6.) Select the size you wish to add to your cart on the right hand side of the page


A dialog box will open up that will allow you to select some color options, paper type and how many of the image you would like to order. After entering this information in click “Add to Cart”


Step 7.) After clicking add to cart you can then select more images to order and repeat step 6. You can monitor if the image you are viewing is in your cart on the bottom right hand side of the page under “Currently in your cart of this image” . You can monitor the running total in your cart in the upper right hand side of the page, this is also where the link to view the cart (“Shopping Cart”) and to check out is (“Check Out”).

When ready click “Check Out”

Step 8.) Type any notes or comments you may have & confirm or change your Ship To Address. When done click “Continue”

Step 9.) Confirm all of your information and Click “Place Order”

Step 10.) Select your payment method (Check or Credit Card)

Step 11.) If Credit Card then fill out the Form (Your information is secured and protected by our friends at and submit. If Check then write out the check to “Michael McNett Photography” and mail it in to 1703 Chelsea Ave. Bethlehem PA 18018

Your email is never published or shared.