Monthly Archives: August 2009

{Insight} Balancing the Wedding Budget

I’ve recently encountered a couple things I wanted to blog about, which sadly is becoming more and more regular. No matter what yourView full post »

{PartyBooth} Joann + Frank

Joann + Franks PartyBooth was crazy, never before have I had such a participatory crowd. AND I LOVED IT. This one is truly what the boothView full post »

And the winner is (bada-bada-bada-bada-bada)

Not me….. wonk wonk waaaaaa But 2nd place in the Wedding Channel’s Bridal blog awards ‘aint to shabby. And if Im gonnaView full post »

{E-Session} Amy + Brian

Let me just say Im huge Amy and Brian fans. Not only are they fun, photogenic and all around lovely people but I know for a fact theyView full post »

{Teaser} Duane + Sonya

Im half way through uploading Sonya + Duane’s wedding. Im super excited about this one and can’t wait to share more of theView full post »

{Teaser} Joann + Frank

Im so behind on the blogging it’s crazy. I promise to start getting some more up soon. In the mean time here is a quick teaser fromView full post »