Monthly Archives: November 2008

Happy Post-Thanksgiving

The days after Thanksgiving are here which hold some of the most wonderful traditions of the year. Sleeping in after long nights ofView full post »

Happy Birthday Jaden

One of the things I love to do is talk to clients. People as a whole are very interesting and have much to contribute to each other if youView full post »

Happy Birthday Louis Daguerre (221 years old)

Louis-Jacques-Mandé DaguerreBorn November 18th 1787 For many of those that are slowly forgetting what film is, may be drawing up blank atView full post »

Winner of contest #2

Here are 2 of my favorite pictures of contest #2’s winner Melissa. One of the images will be featured in Style magazine. CongratsView full post »

Looking for a great way to search wedding related Websites and blogs?

Ok so you are a web savvy bride surfing the internet for your wedding filling your bookmark folder up and subscribing to so many blogsView full post »