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Saying good bye to 2010: Katelyn + Mike 1-30-2010

In a continuation from the last Blog, Im going to spend January reminiscing over my weddings from 2010 rather than just posting a greatestView full post »

Saying good-bye to the weddings of 2010

I was going to be posting a blog that had images from all my 2010 weddings, kind of like a best of 2010. But as I was gathering all theView full post »

Shooting The Farmhouse’s Chef, Javan Small

Chef, Javan Small Born in Misawa, Japan, Javan’s love of food began at an early age when he started his restaurant career in the 10thView full post »

PartyBooth ≈ Matt + Kristyn

Photo Booths can be lame so we serve up the PartyBooth straight up with a twist with a double shot of crazy. Here is a quick sample of aView full post »

Photo Booth with a Twist ≈ Christina the Conqueror

Wedding Photography doesn’t have to be boring. I Love this shot of Christina and Garrett from their wedding. One of the toughestView full post »

Wedding Photography Tips ≈ Sunset, going, going, gone

It may seem like a very simple concept, but with out light there is no photography. So the quality of the light is extremely important.View full post »

Bride and Groom Silhouette wedding photography

Yes, Im still alive – I think

I’ve been really slacking on the blogging lately and I apologize. Its great that I have so much work but it does take me away fromView full post »

Lehigh Valley Wedding ≈ Katerine + Ryan (pre-ceremony)

WAIT ONE SECOND!!!!! DO NOT CLICK PLAY!!! I want to preface this slideshow of Katherine and Ryan’s Pre-Ceremony Wedding photographyView full post »

Wedding Photography ≈ “How to keep cool photographing a Wedding in hot weather”

95 degrees no A/C in the church long drive in a golf cart in the sun to take pictures of the bride and Groom on the golf course Q: HOW DOView full post »

Wedding Photography ≈ Grooms need love too!

As a Lehigh Valley Wedding Photographer who in the course of his 12 years having had studios in Baltimore, MD – Jacksonville, FL andView full post »

Silhouetted Bride and Groom

Wedding Photography Quickie – Monica + Jason

As a Lehigh Valley wedding Photographer I get to photograph in some of the greatest spots. I just a wanted to post a quick teaser forView full post »

Bride gets kissed by groom

Photography Assistant, we don’t need no stinking photography assistant!

I have tons of stuff to post, wedding photography, thoughts, ideas etc. Its been a while since I posted and I cant wait to share theView full post »