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New Product Update: New Cover Materials and Boxes for all Custom Art Wedding Albums

One of the reason (besides great photography) that our customers search us out is our line of Custom Art Albums… We tailor andView full post »

Kate and Ryan – Riverview Country Club Wedding Album and Photography

Just finished the final touches on Kate and Ryan’s Riverview Country Club wedding album. The wedding started in Bethlehem PA andView full post »

Dancing in a field of gold

Its the wedding season in full effect and Im going a little loopy staring at my screen all day editing images from engagement sessions,View full post »

Mike shooting a wedding sunset by Jim Boburka

I had the pleasure of working with wedding filmmaker Jim Boburka ( this past weekend. And he surprised me withView full post »

Wedding Shoes – a touch of pink

Just a quick shot from this past weekend. Ive come to the realization that wedding photography is helping me develop a shoe fetish. TheView full post »

Photo Booth with a Twist ≈ Christina the Conqueror

Wedding Photography doesn’t have to be boring. I Love this shot of Christina and Garrett from their wedding. One of the toughestView full post »

Wedding Photography Tips ≈ Sunset, going, going, gone

It may seem like a very simple concept, but with out light there is no photography. So the quality of the light is extremely important.View full post »

Bride and Groom Silhouette wedding photography

Yes, Im still alive – I think

I’ve been really slacking on the blogging lately and I apologize. Its great that I have so much work but it does take me away fromView full post »

{PartyBooth} Joann + Frank

Joann + Franks PartyBooth was crazy, never before have I had such a participatory crowd. AND I LOVED IT. This one is truly what the boothView full post »

{Teaser} Joann + Frank

Im so behind on the blogging it’s crazy. I promise to start getting some more up soon. In the mean time here is a quick teaser fromView full post »