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Windows on the Water, Sea Bright NJ

Wedding Photography Windows on the Water, Sea Bright NJ

My thoughts go out to Windows on the Water in Sea Bright NJ. The image above was shot there a month ago for Kristen and Ryans wedding. I tried to find out about how they have weathered the storm but couldn’t find anything

Well I didnt really need this kind of delay during the busiest time of the year… But hey things could have been MUCH WORSE. The power is up and stable, the second to last wedding of the season is shot… so Im putting the blinders on and just chugging away.

If your waiting on an engagement session to be posted: email me if you need images for a save the date or holiday cards. If not I really am trying to process a lot of the weddings so they are up asap in preparation of the holidays and family get togethers like thanksgiving.

If you are waiting on a wedding to be posted: Im bumping all of you to the front of the que so they can all be online to share over the holidays so bare with me Ill be posting them in bits and pieces rather than one wedding all at once so you can at least start seeing some images. (click the client log in above, and type in the brides maiden name)

If you are waiting on an album to be designed: With the holiday cut offs for the albums to be printed by the holidays its to late to get the pictures picked and album designed for the custom art albums, the story books are still doable but you have to get your picks made asap and email me right away.

If you are in the middle of your design: Please make your corrections and changes asap and email me right away to notify me so Im aware that the changes were noted online. If the album is good email me right away saying so so I can get the orders in.



Its the wedding season in full effect and Im going a little loopy staring at my screen all day editing images from engagement sessions, wedding and special events. So periodically through out the day I take little breaks and create distractions for myself to break it up. Meg from the hotel bethlehem is over at the studio and thought one of my little tangents was fun so I thought id share it.

Im editing David and Cynthia’s wedding and while I had the couple alone after the ceremony we were able to have some fun moments where I had the couple do some dancing in a field of golden vegetation. This inevitably led to me creating a little animated gif flip book. I like how light hearted and fun it came out. So cheers to friday hope you all have a great weekend. Im getting to shoot Jessica and Dimitrios’ wedding over at Blue which has been revamped and made into one of the most amazing venues in the area. Its even better that the first wedding I get to shoot in it after the remodel is the the owners families wedding so I know it gonna rock

… having issues getting the animated gif to work you can go here to see it though http://mcnettimages.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2012/06/test-3.gif