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In the Box Album - book and album
One of the reason (besides great photography) that our customers search us out is our line of Custom Art Albums… We tailor and design each album to the clients tastes and aesthetics. Im happy to say that we now have even more options available. We are going to go over 2 of these options in this post and then check back for future posts that will go per more options.

The first is what out Custom Art Box option for our line of Custom Art Albums. This box option is fully customizable. from the material used on the box lid to the material used in the box itself, even the ribbon has options. When we say options we mean OPTIONS!!!!  From a fully color range of linens to leathers, touch papers and even simulated wood grained textiles… Designed to look stylish and unique it can be designed to fit into any rooms aesthetic so your will want to keep your album out to wow guests.

art box exterior

The box isn’t all looks and eye candy though. I has lots to offer on the craftsmanship side of things too. All edges are pristinely constructed to hold up the lid can be printed (seen above) or the lettering can be printed with a raised varnish (not shown but look to future posts for this option)
The ribbon is not just aestetical but functional in that it can easily help lift the album from the box.

art box details interior
Craftsmanship can bee seen inside and outside of the Custom Art Box from construction  to the magnetic feature that keeps the lid closed securely but still easy to open

woven crystal glance coverTo complement the full range of options available on the new Custom Art Box we have a whole new pallet of materials available on our popular line of Custom Art Albums… These custom Art Wedding Albums have been the gold standard for the wedding albums we offer. Made in Italy we have been offering these albums for over a decade. We could go on and on about the quality of these lay flat albums but backed up by over 10 years of experience with this company and a lifetime guarantee on its construction that pretty much sums it up it has out shined every other album we have tested out over the years. woven book back
One of the new options available is the woven material. It is warm and inviting to hold as you look through your wedding album and a perfect complement to wedding pictures that carry a certain aesthetic (from vintage weddings to shabby chic).

woven book detailThe same attention to detail that has us in love with the Custom Art Album follows through to the construction of the new materials. Every edge every fold has a sensitivity to the materials uniqueness and the views experience with the album.

woven book interiorThe new material for the wedding albums coupled with the options for the new Custom Art Box really has us excited. So we can keep offering the best of the most current trends in the wedding photography world, that will have you showing of your great wedding photography for years to come.

If you would like to check out what this albums design looks like then click over to this blog post http://mcnettimages.com/2301-kate-ryan-riverview-country-club-wedding-album-photography/


wedding photography bearcreek ashley adam

Taking great wedding pictures is half of what we do here at Michael McNett Photography… The other half is how to make those images useable and relevant for years to come. Having a disc of images just doesnt cut it most of the time (Im guilty myself of having thousands of digital pictures on my computer, phone or discs that I never look at) thats why its feeling really good to get the backlog of albums competed and out to the printers.

Wedding albums are done a little differently here at the studio. We hand design each one with the clients. The couples pick out their own images (as opposed to the photographer just picking them out) and then we give the couples unlimited redesigns so we know when it goes to press the final product is perfect.

We don’t expect our brides and grooms to be graphic designers. Our philosophy is to just make it easily accessible so that any thoughts and ideas can be communicated and the photography studio can be the skilled hands that bring the vision to life.

Here is another album that we just completed and sent to press this week. Its the wedding of Ashley and Adam which was one of my more memorable weddings… from the brother of the bride borrowing a snow board and boarding down the mountain (and bridesmaids snow tubing) during the snow photo session, to the LMFAO Robot head… Big congrats to the couple I had a blast and I hope you enjoy the album (which is going to be a new line of albums that I haven’t published yet so stay tuned for an update on this new line of album)

If the album is not appearing in this post you can view it by going to https://albumexposure.com/mcnettimages/public/ashley-adam

Photography – Michael McNett Photography
Hair/Make-Up – Beautique Hair and Nails
Flowers – Paisley Peacock
Cake – Piece ‘a Cake
Dress – Exquisite Bride
Venue – Bear Creek Mountain Resort
Church – St. Catherine of Sienna


This is a Lehigh Valley Wedding photographed at the Club at Morgan Hill in Easton PA that we just completed the album design of, IMO is stunning. The bride got ready at Trendz of Saucon Valley and then got ready at Vintage Resturant at the Club at Morgan Hill where she also had here ceremony as well as the reception. Bradley Wilson and his team at Vintage really knocked my socks of with the food and execution of the day (could sing enough praises)…. Big Kudos to the DJ as well. Kevin Ramaley from Rockin’ Ramaley not only kept the dance floor packed but transformed an already amazing space into something breathtaking with his uplighting….

Im actually working on some photos to show how uplighting can transform a eventscape… should be pretty neat so stay tuned.

Make sure you check out the last spread its my favorite.. the silhouette on the skyline is better than I could have hoped for…

If the slide show of the album doesnt appear here (CLICK THIS LINK or go to albumexposure.com/mcnettimages/public/kelli-david) I have been having issues with HTML5 so hopefully it gets resolved soon and you don’t have to click the links

  • Alton Strickland - Nice. Simple. Straightforward album.

Just finished the final touches on Kate and Ryan’s Riverview Country Club wedding album. The wedding started in Bethlehem PA and the ceremony and reception was all at the Riverview Country Club in Easton PA. It was such a fun couple with some very unique touches… I hope you guys enjoy it.

If the album isn’t appearing on your device or computer you can use this link

Photographer: Micahel McNett Photography | McNettImages.com
Venue: Riverview Country Club | RiverviewCountryClub.com
Cake: Granny Schmidts Bake Shop | GrannySchmidtsBakeShop.com
Florist: Pondeleks Florist | Pondeleksfloristandgifts.Wordpress.com


Have you ever heard wedding advice like “Enjoy every moment of your wedding day, it goes by so fast”
We all go through life relying on our memories to bring back those fleeting moments. During those events, like your wedding day, that are so jam packed full of amazing moments that you don’t want to forget its the photography that you will count on to help you remember.

So we can in fact set our future selves up for success when they will look back and remember one of the most amazing days of our lives.

Pre-Bridal and Getting Ready shots have become just as important (if not more important) than cutting a cake or tossing a bouquet in the modern world of wedding photography. Its one of the most hustling and bustling times of the day and since you are so consumed with thoughts and nervousness its hard to take a moment to take in all that is going on….

Here are some tips for the getting ready part of your day so that you are all set up for amazing photography.


  1. Put away things, clear surfaces and remove any clutter.
  2. Make a big deal out of everything… from Jewelry to a gift or special message that the bride and groom exchanges (capture it all)


  3. When you go to get your dress on have those around you already dressed (you will see them in the background)


  4. When you go to get ready (jewelry etc) do it after the dress is on (an amazing shot getting the earrings on in sweats and a t shirt just isn’t the same)
  5. Leave plenty of time… Rushing on your wedding day is not conducive to great photography
  6. If your space you planned on getting ready in is going to be cramped, consider a hotel room. There may be a $$$ cost associated but the peace of mind in having a clean sizable well appointed space is priceless… this can also cut down on travel time and open up more photographic options in some cases.wedding_photography_tips-getting_ready001
  7. Let your bridal party pamper you and treat you like a queen and don’t feel bad about this. This will free you up to enjoy and also create photographic opportunities for those important to you. (Jill helps you on with the bracelet, mom with the necklace, maid of honor helps lace you up etc etc etc now you have tons of photographic artifacts from your day to enjoy later while letting everyone participate in the day.
  8. Consider a professional to help you get ready. Hair and Makeup professionals know how to work in timely manners to help you look your best consistently and in certain timeframes… They also remove stress from you and those around you and understand the needs for hair and make up in regards to your day…. what not only looks good but will look good photographically as well as what looks good now as well as what will look good in 10 hours when your being introduced.