Happy Birthday Jaden

One of the things I love to do is talk to clients. People as a whole are very interesting and have much to contribute to each other if you take the time to strike up some small talk and try to listen as much as you talk.

This was the situation last week when I was speaking to a mother of a Bar-Mitzvah boy whom I am going to shoot this weekend. We were talking about party themes (his is going to be Marti Gras) when I mentioned that my sons birthday is Nov. 15th and we were going to have a Carnival theme. For anyone that knows me and my wife, we love Birthdays and usually make elaborate games and decorations and bake a novelty cake. I had spent the last month making Carnival Games out of wooden boards and painted them in garish reds and yellows (I was very proud of myself)

Kelly, the mother of the Bar-Mitzvah boy shares the same view on birthdays and mentioned a Carnival themed one where they did a take off on “ye ole” pie eating contest. The twist is bubblegum. You drop a gum ball in a pan fill it with whipped cream. With no hands the child has to burrow their face through the whipped cream, get the gum, chew like mad. The first one to blow a bubble is the winner.

I loved the idea and had to do it. Guess what? it was the hit of the party. Despite hours of hard labor building those games, they were out shined by a very simple yet clever idea. Thanks Kelly I can’t wait to see what you have in store for this weekend.



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