Wedding Photographer Secrets: The Make-up Compact Mirror Shot

“Hello my name is Michael and Im a reflection photography addict….”

its true any reflection be it puddle or sunglasses Im all on it… here is one of my favorite secret sauce shots that is one of the few that I try to shoot at every wedding… because it is sexy and mysterious how you can frame only parts of the make-up process or facial features and let the boke fade out everything else

Here are some of the shots I go for when shooting “The make-up compact mirror shot”
secret-sauce-michael-mcnett-photography-compactsone thats missing is to frame the whole face like the bottom right and to get the subject to look directly into the camera… and its really nice to grab a more photojornalistc  feeling shot to get them to look at someone of frame and give a hearty fake laugh.

Tips when shooting this shot.
1. Wait till the makeup is done to get full effect of lips and eyes
2. Clean your mirrors, between makeup and hairspray these surfaces are coated in like 5 inches of gunk (I use the back of my tie when no paper towels are handy but most Hair/MUA have towels)
3. use a wide angle lens for the view from the compact side but swap it out for a macro lens (I use a 100mm 2.8 macro from canon) to shoot the mirror itself… but if this isn’t available try out a telephoto lens and back up a couple paces.
4. face the subject towards the light and then have them rotate so your background has interesting light, texture or color patterns
5. Don’t think so linearly, they will move the mirror around for you so shoot low shoot high so you have multiple angles to choose from.. and remember you can play with distance the mirror is away from the subject and distance you are from the mirror all of which change the composition
6. don’t be afraid of smaller or funny shaped mirrors. a thin rectangle can be interesting

SO have fun becoming a mirror junky like me… 🙂

Image was shot at the Hotel Bethlehem in Bethlehem PA