Lauren and Jeremy’s album just in – Wedding Album

Its like wedding photography karma…
yesterday I shot the wedding of William Bader who’s sister Lauren Bader was married at the Events center at Blue last year… and what arrives in the mail today? Lauren and Jeremy’s wedding album…

They are stopping in today to pick it up and hopefully while the grooms parents are still in town for the wedding they will get to see it and get their companion books.Bader-sesito-album

Im so happy with how this album turned out..

The Wooden-esque box gives it such a warm feel and the act of opening this box adds to the feeling of preciousness.

The image that was shot at the State Theater was chosen for the interior of the bad and I love the more theatrical feel that contrasts with the softness of the wood and silver linen cover. It really makes a statement when you open the box.

Even the ribbon was selected specifically to match the couples wedding color and is a continuing theme through out the album design.

Lastly the idea that we can print separate copies of the album smaller for the parents is such a nice touch and surprise for the parents who were so important to the couple and I know they will treasure these books for years to come