IFTTT Weddings – Getting the most out of your wedding hashtags

It seems like everyone is using hashtags for their wedding. You see signs at the reception for #MrMrsSmith2015 and notes on seating  placards telling people to use #MikeSheri2015. Its a great idea. Everyone has a phone now in their pocket and with in seconds they are tweeting them, instagraming them and uploading them to Facebook or what ever social media they find important.

The question is how can a couple take advantage of all this new found photography? You could try to search and scour the internet and individually download each image… But thats tedious, time-consuming and you will probably miss images. What if I told you you could have an internet servant that would follow your every whim and collect all these images for you and put them into a nice little folder you could access on your computer when ever you wanted? …and what if I told you it was free?

Let me introduce you to IFTTT.com IFTTT stands for “if this then that” and what it does is links technology together so that you don’t have to. The impact of this site is vast there are a gajillion and one ways you can utilize if for your wedding but Im going to go through one simple one… How to get all your hashtaged photos into one location.

First you will need a couple things.
1. A Instagram account – www.instagram.com

2. A dropbox account – Dropbox
Drop Box is a cloud based storage site that you can save files to and access from your devices and computers.Drop box accounts are free unless you find you need more than the storage.

3. An account with IFTTT – www.ifttt.com
Don’t worry this is free too.

Now you can begin making your life easier with IFTTT.

Log into your account and click new recipe
create-iftt-recipe-000We will set the “This” function first so click “this”
type Instagram in the search bar and click the Instagram icon. (Note you may be asked to activate Instagram, just follow the steps to link your accounts.
create-iftt-recipe-002-instagramYou will now see some options. You want to select the “New Photo by Anyone Tagged” option
Now you can type in your wedding hashtag and create the trigger. (make sure you have researched your hashtag to see if it is already one that is used, I tend to like ones that use last names and the date since it is more unique.
create-iftt-recipe-004-instagram-hashtagNow comes the “That” part so far we have programed it so that if a new photo by anyone is tagged #MyWeddingHashtag then… so now we need it to know what follows after. Click the “That” link

Search for Dropbox and click it you may need to activate dropbox. Follow the directions on the screen to link the accounts. If you do not have an account with dropbox click here
There are a couple options but you want to select “Add file from URL”


Most of the complete actions field can stay the same and need no changes you just want to make sure that if you want a unique name for the file that the photos are sent to that you type that in the dropbox folder path option… I used Instagramweddinghashtags as mine…This way if I want to create another instagram to drop box script I can do that and keep everything separate.

And thats it we have now programmed it so that  if a new photo by anyone is tagged #MyWeddingHashtag then it will add that file from the URL to the designated dropbox folder…

Click create recipe and setback and enjoy your honeymoon knowing that all the images are easily accessible.