NEW PRODUCT: Out of the Box Wedding Albums

Wedding Photography is our passion…

But the photography is only half of it. Having a tangible real life product of that photography that you can hold in your hands and interact with is the goal. For us the pinnacle of this is the wedding album. The saddest thing for us is when a couple finds themselves years later with no tangible way of reliving their wedding day and similar to this is having a wedding album that isn’t exciting or engaging. The act of picking up your wedding album should be something exciting and fun.

The best way we have found to keep our albums exciting and fun is to customize each album to the aesthetics and tastes of the couple… and the best way to do that is not to just have lots of options and choices but to consistently be modifying and adding to the products that we offer. Taking advantage of new technologies and new processes…. With that let us introduce one of our newest albums available…. Our “Out of the Box” Album.

out-of-the-boxOur Out of the Box Albums are a perfect example of excellence through simplicity. It takes all the components of what makes an album great and marries it (pun intended) into one.

wedding album cover and box

Our “Out of the Box” Album has 2 main componants ; the box itself and the Album, both of which are fully customizable in colors and materials and combinations to achieve a unique and individual look

wedding album main componantsIn these 2 components you have lots of customizable features, you can choose from a wide varieties of materials from more traditional leathers to linens or simulated maple. Each material also has a wide assortment of colors they are available in as well and since you can mix and match you don’t have to have the same material or color for each album feature, even the ribbon color can be selected… (if you would like to see a box that was designed using multiple colors see this post here) this album was designed with a blue to match the bridesmaids dresses and color theme.

color overlay optionswe don’t stop with the colors and materials. the book and boxes can be printed on as well and also in a choice of colors. Above on the left you can see where we used white to print the names on the book cover and on the right you can see where we printed on the box cover in the same color as the leather but with a raised varnish so that the names looked subtle and elegant… But the printing doesnt stop with names and dates… we can print in patterns and shapes as well in a range of colors or raised varnish to the sky is the limit

binding 001OK so we can customize this to the 9s…. but what does a book in a box do for you different than the other albums offered?

There are a couple feature of out “Out of the Box” Album that are unique and worth noting… in addition to the protection a box gives to a book it also frees up the book to be lighter. since the cover is not as important in protecting the book since it is stored in the box the cover is thinner making the book lighter and easier to hand hold.

And since the book gains its protection from the box the edges of the album can now all be cut flush with the cover. This flush surface means that less weight is distributed to the spine since the pages do not hang. (on a typical book you need the cover to overlap past the edge of the page to protect the edges, this gap between page edge and cover edge can cause the pages to hang when stored vertically and put pressure on the spine)

the boxThe box itself is ruggedly constructed with attention to finish and edges. They are also constructed precisely so that the album fits in it like a glove to reduce any jostling or movement that may be created when transporting the album or carrying it.

binding 002And extreem craftsmanship is put into the binding and page construction so that the album is sturdy and usable while still looking elegant in its simplicity.

spread 002
And the same exciting album design utilized in the Custom Art Album is applied in this Out of the box album which allows the couple to select their own images, then utilizes our design expertise with unlimited redesigns , where you interact with the designer until the album is just perfect… there are no fees for redesigns so we truly will achieve your perfect album.

if you would like to see the interior of this album you can see it here