Mazel Tov Danny

A couple posts back I made mention of a client who gave me a great idea for a unique twist on a pie eating contest that I used for my sons birthday Well here is her son Danny’s Bar-Mitzvah, and believe me when I say it was awsome.

For those unfamiliar withThe Black Eyed Susan, it is a paddle boat that operates out of Baltimore’s Fells Point. It was the perfect setting for a New Orleans style Mardi Gras Party.

Well here is a question for you. How do you top a 11 foot tall stilt walker

Well, you have him juggle fire of course, DUH!

The service was held on the upper deck of the paddle boat

After the service, the crew at the Black Eyed Susan, swabbed the deck (sorry couldn’t help myself) and got the party to a smashing start as it rose anchor and paddled it’s way out into the Chesapeake Bay 

Ok for those planning a Bar-Mitrzvah here is a successful formula.
Take a couple of great kids

OK make that a lot of great kids (say hi to videographer Dave in the back)

add some girls (sorry Danny your busted)

Throw in some breakdancers

Put your son behind the DJ stand, mixing it up on the ones and twos

And you have instant party. (rinse and repeat if necessary)

The ending shot

The mad dash through Fells Point to the limo

Guys I had a blast. Thanks again