Stealing Wedding Photography – Is your photographer who they say they are

You think you found just the right wedding photographer. But how do you know that what you see, is what you will get?

Image theft is huge in our digital age and it happens more than you think. The wedding photographer that you are seconds away from stoking a big check to may not have been the person you shot those kick @$$ images that made you want to hire them in the first place.

Check out this video to see how you can protect yourself.

  • Steve Mittman - Great information, Mike. Well done. I particularly like this because we tell prospective clients to do the same thing when it comes to event lighting. Unfortunately, there are many DJs and lighting companies that pass off other people’s work (including ours) as work they have done. However, when a couple hires them, just as with photography, the final result doesn’t look like what the client thought they’d get (because the photos were of someone else’s lighting).