Wedding Photography – Belinda and Thomas – At This Moment

At this moment…
Im processing all the great pictures from Belinda and Tom’s Wedding. I can’t wait to start sharing them with the bride and groom and everyone else. Definitely stay tuned Ill be posting lots from this one. Super job BTW to Lauren Bennett make-up artist to the stars 🙂 and a fantastic job by Freddie Fredricks in keeping people up and dancing as well as uplighting such a massive venue. 250 people but the space could have held 350 nice job all around 🙂

Always love the Wedding DIY touches… “I Do” shoes are great for those catholic masses when the bring and groom kneel in front of everyone (the groom “Save me” versions are not so classy)

Bride and Groom having their first dance

The bride just before the Ceremony

LOL Lauren Bennett the make up artists tricked (lashed out?) out ride

DJ’s Freddie Fredricks and Mike Foxx of 95.1 WZZO

for no you can view the couple engagement session by going to and typing in the brides maiden name. The wedding images will also be there as soon as they get uploaded.