At This Moment…. Kelly and Elias

Wedding Photography from Kelly and EliasI taking July off, whooo hooo!!! Not from work but from shooting weddings. So now I can focus entirely on wedding album design, Processing and uploading current weddings and shoot a bunch of engagement sessions a number of which are out of town. Its gonna be great to cross stuff of the to-do list.

The above picture is from the current wedding that Im processing and is one of my favorite images (maybe of all time) This was shot in the brides old room in her parents house. As I was shooting the dress hanging up I noticed a little toy groom and a toy bride. It turns out that it was a cake topper or used somehow in the brides grandmothers wedding. I like the light, the tone of the image and the reflection in the wood. Its one of those images that for me tells a story and has some history behind it.