Saying good-bye to the weddings of 2010

I was going to be posting a blog that had images from all my 2010 weddings, kind of like a best of 2010. But as I was gathering all the images together I realized that the task would be nearly impossible. We are a smaller wedding photography studio, no more than 30 weddings per year. As such I become much more personally involved in each wedding, so the task of distilling it down to one or two images that flash by really quick in a slide show seemed a bit of a let down. In looking back Im so thankful to all my brides and grooms for allowing me to be part of their wedding so I thought I would spend January reliving each wedding one day at a time sharing a couple images telling a couple stories.

Krista + Chris 12.26.2009
Im going to cheat with the first one because Krista + Chris were married in 2009, but December 26th is close enough.

If you heard the song “Im dreaming of a white christmas” well that was playing in my head all day because as you can see in the background it wasn’t quite cold enough for snow, so we stayed inside to stay warmer and dryer (all except for my assistant John who had to stand outside in the rain to hold the flash 🙂 ) Fortunately though as the day progressed into night that rain became a little more snowish for the image below, which was taken at Silver Creek Country Club.

Im posting the image below rather than the normal Bride and groom romantic dancing shots because if there is one thing I love about weddings is that its one time when families come together let lose and just enjoy each other. The image below is the bride dancing with her brother.

Ok normally I dont bring props to shoot one of our Partybooths, but Christmas was so close I couldn’t resist. The first is a reenactment of an actual choking that occurred earlier in the evening. The gentleman in the image really was given the hiemlich. The great thing about this image for me was the expressions in each persons face, each one so different. And props the the lovely lady willing to catch the soggy hershey kiss.

I big thanks to John my assistant for his great work.

I will be posting a wedding a day so stay tuned. Also the big Bridal Show at Lehigh University is this weekend. Hope to see everyone there.