Wedding Ideas ≈ Typewriter Messages

I thought this was a really cool idea that Katherine & Ryan had for a neat way guests can share personal thoughts and congrats with the Bride and Groom. Instead of a signing book the couple had a super cool Royal typewriter and a bowl of blank cards for the guests to type their message onto. The guests then left the message (hopefully with out to many mess ups and do overs, typing skills are not what they used to be LOL) in a bowl for the Bride and Groom. I’d love to find out from the couple if they have plans to do anything with the messages or if they are going to save them to read later, but I loved the idea. 

Every little detail can help in making your wedding unique and I love seeing people embrace things that are not the path most traveled. The reception was at the Riverview Country Club in Easton PA. 

  • Danielle - I love the old typewriter idea to replace the guest book. Adds such personality and spunk! And Grandma’s always gets a kick out of it!

  • Tonee Lawrence - what a fantastic idea!! im passing along now!