Katelyn + Mike ~ Wedding Photography (pre-bridal)

Just finishing up editing Katelyn and Mike’s Wedding and thought Id post some highlights as I went. This slideshow is of Katelyn as she got ready. The first part was shot at Gadzooks Salon in Bethlehem, PA. Then it follows her to her parents house also in Bethlehem, PA. 



If you do not see the above video please click here
The pictures will soon be posted at www.pictures.mcnettimages.com password brides maiden name

  • Katelyn Stavish - These pics are amazing!! Can’t wait to see more (yes, even the groomsmen in the gym pics!!)

  • Katelyn Stavish - These pics are amazing!! I can’t wait to see more (yes even the groomsmen in the gym pics)

    Thanks for helping make our day so special.

  • Mike - Thx Katelyn Im ripping through the edits now. In regards to the exercise room Ummmmm. Im still speechless. Im positive that in my 12 years of shooting weddings I have never shot anything quite like it. Nor has exercise equipment ever been utilized in such a way LOL

  • Philip Hawkins Wedding Photographer Edinburgh - A great set of photographs! I love your natural style. I bet Katelyn and Mike are delighted with them.

  • Eric Lagstein - Love the photos, great sideshow presentation! Keep up the good work.

  • Candace Hershey - These are amazing!! Katelyn, I think you are teh most beautiful bride I have ever seen!

  • Knoxville Wedding Photographers - Great work! I love the natural look that these have!

  • David - Great work! I love the shoes hanging on the Moravian star and the make-up mirror pictures. How in the world are they ever going to pick out pictures for their wedding album? There are so many great shots:)

  • Robin Shorten - Katelyn you are breath taking. You look absolutely amazing. Can’t wait to see more.

  • San Jose Photography - Beautiful slideshow. Your style is awesome.

  • Emerson Mordente - Congratulations Mike loved his work, I am a photographer here in Brazil and would like to know which software made this slide show, thanks

  • Chris - UK Wedding Photographer - Truly stunning, an amazing set of photographs

  • Washington DC Wedding Photographers - Wow, I love these images, the colors and the light you use is great, love the close-up bridals and the use of natural light. Did you use a reflector for some of these? Looks wonderful. I am sure your clients are over the moon happy.