Wedding Photography ≈ “Just because the sun goes down doesn’t mean it’s over.”

Here in Bethlehem, scratch that, the Lehigh Valley, heck make that all of Pennsylvania and NJ. October and November is huge for weddings. We have the Fall colors and a still pretty moderate climate. But one thing about this time of year is the seasons earlier sunset. When the sun is down around 5:00 being able to work in low light creatively. Twilight and The blue hour is one of my favorite times to shoot because the world becomes your studio. This shot, from one of the weddings that Im going to be posting soon, was a fun one for me  because it not only makes use of this time of day but was quite fearless of the bride and groom. 

Nighttime/lowlight shots are great for albums too, because they provide a great ending to the album. So the viewer really feels like they traveled through the day. So if your a photographer reading this don’t stop shooting outside when the sun goes down and if your a bride, plan to dedicate some time during your reception to take a break for the crowd and grab a memorable moment with your new husband.

This wedding photography was shot outside of the Hotel Bethlehem in downtown Bethlehem. 

  • Ryan - Mike, This picture is amazing. I can not wait to see the rest. Thanks again. Ryan

  • Adam Cavanagh - Definitely a great image.

  • Hooman - Great night shot!

  • Kelly McNamara - What awesome colors! Who would have thought of this?! Oh, that’s right…YOU! 🙂

  • Tony Cooper - Great use of color… perfect fill light. And courageous!

  • Grand Rapids Wedding Photographer - Crazy shot! Perfect lighting and depth of field!