Wedding Photography ≈ “I’m I allowed to like rain on a wedding day?”

This is a quick teaser picker that I wanted to post. *dodging shoes being thrown* I know I have a TON of stuff to post. Please check back in over the next couple weeks to see some of the great weddings the studio has been working on (your event will be up soon I promise).

The rain can be a big let down on the wedding day. Many brides ask “What so we do if it rains on our wedding day?”  Well I always offer my rainy day brides a free bridal session so that she can still get that picture in her dress she had been thinking about for the past 2-40 years. But what I don’t say that often is how unique the rain can make some photography. Like this one from Krista’s wedding in the lehigh valley, Bethlehem PA this past month.

Personally the rain made a ok shot, that you see hundreds of times amazing. I love how the flash froze the drops in the background it creates so much more energy and feeling of a moment in time. So the moral is to embrace your day have the most fun you can and dont stop trying to make the most out of any challenge your day throws at you.

Also Id like to thank my assistant/photographer John for standing out in the pouring rain to hold the flash LOL. John also shot an amazing PartyBooth at the reception that was held at Silver Creek Country Club in Hellertown PA. I will post some of those images soon, being the day after christmas it had everything a Santa suit, Mistletoe even a choking man getting the Heimlich Maneuver. So excited! 



  • Destination Wedding Photographer - ok, seriously, this is a BEAUTIFUL photo, and I LOVE that you were actually thinking when you were shooting!

  • Mike - Thx Tim. LOL I cant say that Im always thinking but every now and then the brain does make a guest appearance.

  • Lisa, Eric, Whitney and Lindsay - The photographer captured the very essence of the day; Krista and Chris were beautiful, the ceremony was beautiful, the reception was beautiful and even the raindrops were beautiful.

  • Bonnie - As mother of the bride, this picture is just breathtaking. I cannot wait to see more.

  • sandra/eugene sankovsky - this was something we wanted to share in,and having fun with the photo, staff. love you our princess and chris. wonderful day

  • sandra/eugene sankovsky - can’t wait to see photos

  • Claire D - Great job with the lighting! great capture!

  • Hooman - Great backlighting and a perfect moment – well done!

  • Krista Kozak - As a bride, you hope that your photographer can capture the magic on your wedding day…Mike, you nailed it. Despite the rain, we had an absolutely magnificent day, and this picture captures ALL of the magic. You are a genius at your craft.

  • Scott Allan, Modesto Wedding Photographer - Classic Wedding Portrait! Perfectly executed. It doesn’t get any better than that.